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Ok, technically it's not officially autumn yet but when the temperature drops from 100 degrees F to 75 degrees F I think I have a right to say, "the cooler weather has arrived!" and I couldn't be happier. It's the season of crunchy leaves that we'll spread on the garden in thick winter blankets to comfort the cold soil. It's the season of fresh, crisp air that fogs in front of your face as you warm your hands inside woolen mittens. It's the season of hot soup on the stove and hot chocolate at your lips with marshmallows melting on the top. I'm eager to fill bins with colorful gourds, broom corn and pumpkins to sell at the farmer's market. I'm hungry for rain, cold and fresh, falling on my face and into my open mouth. My middle aged body craves the cool air. I have found that as I age the seasons I love age with me. As a child I craved the summer, the time when school was out and I could sit in the branch of a tree and read a book where no one could find me. I baked in the sun and rode my bicycle with untiring muscles and long thick hair that flew in the air. Nothing sagged. I was so full of the energy of youth that I didn't appreciate how precious it can be. I still love the summer, the sun and the warmth it brings but my body doesn't feel the appreciation my mind still calls up. Now the summer must be tempered with the shade of the big old cherry trees in the back yard that are slowly dying. How they will be missed. Summer is broken up with afternoon naps and cold drinks. The fall rules as number one, when I can stay outside all day without melting, where a long walk can happen in the sun of the afternoon and sweat won't drip from my face like tired tears. I was out with my bees yesterday and happy to see them storing honey for the coming winter months. It gave me comfort to know that there is still an ebb and flow to things that one can rely on no matter what is painted on the front pages. Welcome false fall, with all my heart I embrace you. #fall #autumn #bees #menopause #middleage

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