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The Air Was Abuzz

I woke up this morning and was overjoyed by the cool air coming in the open window. It's a taste of fall in an endless heatwave and my heart sings with comfort. I'm not sure if you've suffered from menopause but it's a huge trial in a woman's life when she thinks she's done with all the sufferings of childbirth, menstruation, body changes and image problems. Just when you've decided you can settle into middle age and, perhaps, if you're lucky, the joy of being a grandparent, your body finds a new way to rebel against you with waves of sweat pouring off your face and a body seized with anxiety as your heart races with each fluctuation of hormones and body temperatures.

As I pressed my face to the bathroom window to suck in every bit of coolness it offered me in the early morning hours I heard the familiar buzzing of my honey bees. I looked out in wonder and found many of the ladies hanging around in the early morning sun buzzing their delight at a sip of water in the eaves and carrying me into their complex world. I ventured outside for a closer look, donning a favorite hat on my way out the door and slipping my bare feet into a pair of comfortable shoes. There they were, busy quenching their thirst and sparkling in their splendor in the morning sun. I was reminded anew that nature is full of wonder and, even my sweaty, hormone riddled body has some deeper meaning. #menopause #honeybees #fall #nature

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