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The sun was barely up and my hair was still tangled up in a mass of curls on top of my head where I slung it last night before going to sleep. It was cool outside, enough to need long pants and a sweater. The temperature made me happy because it meant I could wear my rubber boots, a transition I look forward to every year. They gave a gentle squish as I walked into the dirt of the garden, pulling the gate closed behind me to keep out the local rabbits. The scents that greeted me were a heady combination of sage, basil and fresh air. I smiled. I made my way to the spinach patch and found so many tiny leaves just waiting for my hands to release them into my basket. I tasted one and my stomach groaned with satisfaction and reminded me that I had skipped breakfast. That was when I heard it. The wind had picked up just a bit, more a breeze than anything, just enough to make them sway. The sound was a creak, a groan and a blissful sigh all wrapped into one. It hugged my soul. I leaned back and looked up into the overcast sky where the dry corn stalks were speaking their song. It's part of this season, this final bit of summer time between hot and cold when so much is ending and, yet, so much is just beginning. My chickens called out to me, just out of sight behind the arch full of squashes and gourds, and let me know they were laying beautiful eggs. I called back to them a good morning and embraced the gentle wind. When I closed my eyes for a moment I could hear all of the plants, all of the insects, all of the universe surrounding me and holding me safe in its' embrace. All of them, they talk to me and I make time to listen. #gardening #fall #naturephotography #cornstalks #universe

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