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It was time. It was definitely time. We needed to get away. It has been literally years since my husband and I have taken a break from our lives. We were both feeling the need to leave the world behind if only for a moment in time and, so, we did. Best decision we've made in a long while. We wanted to both have an adventure and relax. We found these ideas were not mutually exclusive.

In Oregon, in the middle of not too much, between towns, there lies a little piece of heaven. In this place that seems unreal in its' peacefulness there are no televisions, there are no loud voices, there is very little traffic and everyone looks noticeably relaxed. We soon found out why as we sunk into a dreamy hot spring fed tub, closed our eyes and let it all go. We let the world slow down around us and just relaxed. We talked, we played cribbage, we made our own fun. It was invigorating and much needed. Let me stress that there were no televisions. When was the last time you went somewhere that there were no televisions? It was heaven. We talked to strangers, we laughed, we took in the scenery outside the large windows, we held hands and we shared our deepest thoughts. Now my husband and I do all those things on a regular basis anyway, but it was pure joy to see other people doing the same.

We left the haven at the hot springs during the day, traveled up the side of a mountain, literally, and walked around in the sunshine looking into foreverness. It was silent of technology up there. It was full of fresh air. It was an untouched world, wild and alive. There were no televisions and we didn't miss them a bit.

We rode on a tandem bicycle that went along an unused railroad track and had to stop to let some deer cross right in front of us. The only sound was the shush of our wheels on the track and the animals in the fields we passed in the countryside as we rolled through. Not a television in sight.

We ventured into little shops meant to lure tourists to buy their wares and purchased a couple of things we couldn't do without. We ate an incredible dinner at a local restaurant that boasts the best prime rib you've ever had. They didn't lie. There were no televisions in the restaurant either. How many restaurants do you know of that have no televisions these days? It was lovely. Conversations from other tables flowed over us and wrapped us in their delight.

We rode home on the motorcycle, my legs wrapped around my husband as the engine vibrated under my behind and my whole body was in harmony with the machine that took us twisting through the countryside and back to our home.

It was sad to go home after such a wonderful time away but, admittedly, good to get back to our own bed and greet our chickens and bees once again. We had one more day off before work resumed and relaxed in front of the television and enjoyed favorite movies but we were content that we had taken the opportunity to step away for a couple of days and recharge. #vacation #notelevision #hotsprings #Oregon #motorcycle #mountain

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